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Welcome to “in Love in Five Minutes” where STAI ZITTA quickly questions some dreamy girls about the dreamy work they do! Try not to fall in love–we dare you!



Easy tips to improve your daily life:


1. Drink less booze

2. Smoke more weed

3. Walk with dogs

4. Sleep with cats

5. Cover all food in hot sauce

6. Poop #5 out

7. Spend less time on phone!!!!

8. Wait, actually, spend MORE time on phone…scrolling through Oh de Laval’s Instagram. She’ll make you happy to spend time on your phone. What you find in her feed may make you happy to be alive: gorgeous paintings of exquisite bodies and exotic animals frolicking through luxurious gardens, velvety beds and birthday cake colored strip clubs…and into your dreams!!! Ok, since we’re already on the phone…why don’t we DM Oh de Laval and see what she has to say about a few things? Alright! Here we go, Oh!


SZ: Surely you came out of the womb as an artist-but when did you ~realize~ you were one? Did you have an (as Oprah would say) “AH-HAH MOMENT” ?


ODL: I’m a painter but sometimes I’m lucky to be an artist, and paint something really exceptional.



SZ: What music do you listen to while you create? Give us a playlist?


ODL: A lot of different types of music but mostly hh and r&b!


1. Father – I’m piece of shit
2. Nocturnal Animals – the Soundtrack
3. Childish Gambino – Culdesac
4. Night Lovell – Live Television
5. Ethereal – Everything
6. Majid Jordan – U


and much much muuuch more!



SZ: Are your figures based on people you know? (If so, spill the tea!)


ODL: Sometimes, but mostly they’re based on the situations I’ve been part of seen.



SZ: What’s a bigger burden: being an incredibly hot girl or being an incredibly talented one???


ODL: Hahahaha the most hilarious question EVER! I don’t consider myself in those categories. I’m not modest, I would say that I’m a very fucking hard working girl, who always has to get what she wants. And if she doesn’t, it’s very bad for the rest of the world. Hahaha (devil laugh).



SZ: You’re an impressive dancer AND lip-syncher have you ever considered performance art?


ODL: Hahahaha, thank you! Definitely, I will. I have a several ideas. But dancing and lipsync is just for fun!



SZ: I’m trying to grow my hair out to be long and luscious like yours-any tips?


ODL: Don’t cut it for 14 years, and be half asian? Hahahaha! No tips at all, just don’t cut it!



SZ: Pick one: artbro or fuckboy?


ODL: Fuckboy.


SZ: Pick one: jelly sandals or platform flip-flops?


ODL: Platform flip-flops!


SZ: Pick one: hungover all day or sad all night?


ODL: Hungover all day.



SZ: Where can people find and purchase your work?


ODL: On my website, via email ( or through my Instagram ! 💖🎀🌸