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Welcome to “in Love in Five Minutes” where STAI ZITTA quickly questions some dreamy girls about the dreamy work they do! Try not to fall in love–we dare you!


“Love Her”


Amber Vittoria is an artist based in New York who’s worked with everyone from Gucci to Instagram. Her goal is to “portray women accurately within art” and she does ~ the women she creates are bursting with “wrong angles” bright colors and irony! With refreshingly original titles like, “Today I Missed My Workout But it Worked Out,” Amber sheds some light on how (hashtag)funny being a woman can be. Her Instagram is loaded with her work but weirdly she seems to not take any selfies, or like, over-share her problems via 3 am posts…so…we decided to throw questions at her and cut away some of the mystery!*


*Spoiler: we didn’t get far XD


SZ: Do people who suffer become artists or do artists become people who suffer?


AV: Suffering and artistry to me are not mutually exclusive; there are those who suffer, those who are artists, those who are both, and those who are neither.


SZ: What’s your dream studio?


AV: Ideally, it is a space larger than my partner’s and my apartment.


SZ: If you had an unlimited budget where would you buy your pajamas?


AV: I’d still get them as a Christmas gift every year from my parents.


“The Women You’ve Ghosted”


SZ: Do you sleep too much or too little?


AV: It depends on the day.


SZ: What do you listen to when you work?


AV: Currently, I’m listening to Holocene by Bon Iver. It’s very me circa 2011.


SZ: On a scale of 1-Tonya Harding, how jealous do you get on social media?


AV: I’d say a 2-3, but sometimes a bit more.


“Your Angles Are All Wrong”


SZ: What’s your favorite meme?


AV: I’m not too sure, actually. <– (editor’s note: this is a false statement and I’ll take it to court!)


SZ: Do you ever indulge in “self destructive” habits only to fulfill the legacy of living as an “artist”?? (For example, I drink too much whiskey ONLY because I’m a “WRITER”)


AV: No, I aim to deconstruct and rid of the stereotypes set on women and artists.


SZ: Where can we find/ buy your work??